$3 adults
$1 students
Two coaches, all players, and table worker are free (must sign in)

Table workers
-Home team (listed first)- will supply Clock Operator.
-Visiting team(listed second) – will supply Book Keeper.
Please have teams listed correctly on scoreboard for stat keeping purposes.

Game Rules
Game Time: Two 20 minute running clock halves.  Last two minutes of 2nd half is stop and go.
Overtime: 2 Minute stop and go
Timeouts: 3 timeouts per team, per game. 1 Additional per overtime
Fouls and Violations: High school rules
Pressing: Will be allowed for all games, no press at any level when winning team is up 15.
Defense: Any defense allowed.
Playing time: No minimum time required for each player

Conduct Issues
Coach Ejection: Will be suspended the following week.
Technical foul: Coach must sit on bench and is unable to make any comments to the officials moving forward.
Parent Ejection: Will be suspended the following two weeks.